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McKnight Presidential Fellows

The McKnight Presidential Fellows Program is targeted at the most promising faculty who have been newly granted tenure and promotion to associate professor, to recognize their accomplishments and support their ongoing research and scholarship.  Candidates are considered for these awards at the conclusion of the regular promotion and tenure review process each year.




Nathan Kuncel
Hui Zou
Frances Vavrus
Organizational Leadership, Policy, & Development
Timothy Griffin
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics
Jacques Finlay Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior



Joseph Gaugler Nursing
Yuhong Xiang Psychology
Lee Penn Chemistry
Michael Gaudio Art History
Kathleen Vohs Marketing and Logistics Management



Marco Peloso Physics and Astronomy
J. Michael Oakes Epidemiology and Community Health
Chris Leighton Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Wilma Koutstaal Psychology
Andrew Scheil English



Beth Stadler Electrical & Computer Engineering/IT
Ezra Miller Mathematics/IT
Kathleen Thomas Institute of Child Development/CEHD
Ben Munson Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences/CLA
David Treuer English/CLA
George Weiblen Plant Biology/CBS



Claudia Schmidt-Dannert Biology, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics/CBS
Theodore Schoen Music/UMD
Michael Goldman Sociology/CLA
Krishnan Mahesh Aerospace Engineering/IT
Fernando Porte-Agel Civil Engineering/IT



Melanie Wall Biostatistics/Public Health
Paulo Kufiji Neuroscience/Medical School
Erica Lee History/CLA
Tian-jun Li Mathematics/IT



Kirt Wilson Communication Studies/CLA
Kariuki Njenga Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences/Veterinary Medicine
Robert Krueger Psychology/CLA
Yong-Zhong Quian Physics & Astronomy/IT
Paul Crowell Physics & Astronomy /IT



Wei Chen Cancer Center/AHC
Cathy Carlson Vet Population Medicine/Veterinary Medicine
Richa Nagar Women's Studies /CLA
Mats Heimdahl Computer Science /IT
Chris Uggen Sociology/CLA