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American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Elected members are leaders in the academic disciplines, the arts, business, and public affairs (see the Academy Web site for details and history about this award).

Member Department Date
Megan Gunnar Child Development 2017
Sarah Hobbie Ecology, Evolution & Behavior 2017
Marlene Zuk Ecology, Evolution & Behavior 2017
Timothy P. Lodge Chemistry and Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2016
Dante Cicchetti Child Development 2015
Allen F. Isaacman History 2015
Donald G. Truhlar Chemistry 2015
Eric W. Kaler Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2014
Renata M. M. Wentzcovitch Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2013
Peter B. Reich Forest Resources 2011
Frank S. Bates Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2010
John R. Freeman Political Sciences 2009
Stephen Polasky Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior / Applied Economics 2009
Patricia Hampl English 2007
Geoffrey Paul Hellman Philosophy 2007
John L. Sullivan Political Science 2007
Subir K. Banerjee Geology & Geophysics 2006
Anne Pusey Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior 2005
Kamil Ugurbil Radiology 2005
R. Lawrence Edwards Geology and Geophysics 2004
Craig Packer Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior 2003
Apostolos Georgopoulos Neuroscience 2002
Kathryn A. Sikkink Political Science 2001
Mark G. Yudof Law 2001
David L. Kohlstedt Geology & Geophysics 2000
Daniel Farber Law 1999
Ellen S. Berscheid Psychology 1998
Martin Dworkin Microbiology 1997
Steven J. Rosenstone Political Science 1997
G. David Tilman Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior 1995
Eville Gorham Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior 1994
Daniel D. Joseph Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics 1993
Nicolai Vladimirovich Krylov Mathematics 1993
Frank Sorauf Political Science 1993
Paul G. Gassman Chemistry 1992
Edward C. Prescott Economics 1992
L.E. Scriven Chemical Engineering & Material Sciences 1991
Margaret Bryan Davis Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior 1991
Rutherford Aris Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 1988
Christopher A. Sims  Economics 1988
Avner Friedman Mathematics 1987
Norman Garmezy Psychology 1987
Hans F. Weinberger Mathematics 1986
James B. Serrin Jr. Mathematics 1984
Thomas J. Sargent Economics 1983
Alfred O.C Nier Physics 1980
Edward P. Ney Physics & Astronomy 1979
John S. Chipman Economics 1979
Bryce L. Crawford Jr. Chemistry 1977
G. Edward Schuh Applied Economics 1977
Vernon W. Ruttan Economics 1976
John R. Borchert Geography 1976
Carl A. Auerbach Law 1974
Herbert Feigl Philosophy 1971
Allen Tate English 1965
Leonid Hurwicz Economics 1965
Maurice B. Visscher Physiology 1964
Walter W. Heller  Economics 1962
I. M. Kolthoff Chemistry 1960
Robert Penn Warren English 1951
Elvin C. Stakman Plant Pathology 1923

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