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Wall of Discovery

The Wall of Discovery is a 253-foot-long artistic tribute to the process that leads to great moments of discovery. The wall is installed on the north side of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building, where the Scholars Walk passes through a narrow passage between buildings. Reproductions of original sketches, notes, drawings, letters, and other items from more than 90 illustrious faculty and alumni will be represented.

Among the items represented on the wall are Seymour Cray’s calculations for the first Cray Supercomputer, a hand-written score of Dominick Argento’s From the Diary of Virginia Woolf, a sketch of William Pedersen’s Shanghai World Financial Center, notes from breakthrough medical operations, and other items.

The representations are inscribed upon a metaphoric blackboard, along with the names of the creators and brief descriptions. Completing the wall are 20 edge-lit glass panels, which appear to float in front of the blackboard. Drew Sternal of L.A. Ink, who spent two years researching and creating the Wall of Discovery, says these panels, etched and carved with abstract images, are meant to inspire multiple interpretations and reflect the continuing work that will become tomorrow’s great discoveries.

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